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Pontiff M.Adhei
Pontiff M.Adhei

Have you ever thought of how the beauty of writing could be? Then you are missing something great you shouldn’t let go lost. It doesn’t matter you are not a classic writer like the professionals but being able to express and share your idea to help others is as worthy as an expensive gem you could ever think of.

Many writes for different reasons and for numerous purposes, that’s why you too can do the same. Yes! You can also be a writer because everybody can write.

Never think about the story you don’t already have but the passion you’ll exhibit will naturally fetch you the idea you’ll ever need.

It’s very great to know others are reading what you’ve shared. It doesn’t need any technocrat skills to tell the world of your suggestions about any issue.

Clear your doubts to let the rest of the world know about your existence through your work-piece and the ideology of your thoughts.

For one reason or the other you may decide to base your story on something fast trending and you are passionate of. It’s good but it’s not too important if your story is a hotcake for the audience or not.

Let your writings be on what you can fit yourself into should you lack points. Who knows, your idea could be a solution to someone’s problem. You have what it takes to write like others and even do it better for someone to read like you are doing right now.

Writing for others to read lets you learn a lot as you’ll always want to bring the best to the public. It is an experience into the world of curiosity as it’s always a call to dip deep to bring out something unique.

It developes your science of reasoning and therefore increases your conviction on arising issues.

Writing is not just for sharing idea but also excels your integrity to the world when your work reaches the far it should due to the good effort might exhibit into it. This means you could gain higher platforms in your writing endeavor.

Many individuals have been accredited to prominent positions due to their versatile attitudes in the work they’ve chosen. Ameyaw Debrah for instance is a Ghanaian writer who owns the site and is recognised widely for his work in the writing vicinity.

You could become the mouthpiece of your immediate neighbors which might as well earn you much respect in your neighborhood.

Representing a group of people through your work is a great ambition which is not earned easily but through your writing, it’s possible to have it at your door step.

It might bring fortunes you’ve never dreamt of. So try to give it a thought and you would love to ditch your job for serious writing when you really get to understand it.

The only thing you’ve got to bear in mind is, everyone can write so can you. Through your writing, you could earn a very great name one day in your lifetime.

Thinking you can’t? Give it a try and you would love it forever.

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