Pontiff M.Adhei
Pontiff M.Adhei

LIFE as it is, happens in different ways and it depends on how each and everyone accepts it. Some through faith, destiny, religion, birth or even by fate. All in one comes with only one thing which we cannot see nor touch but yet keeps us moving every day. This is what mankind calls belief.

Believe comes into everyone’s mind in whatever that we do in our daily life activities. But how does it affect the individual soul in times of difficulties? One can speak with all trust that one thing or the other is possible to bound whiles, in reality, it’s just a myth only to kill stress for some few moments.

Many people have failed in different fields of life due to lack of potential believe they have in themselves. Some have gone far only to be told nothing could be done with them. Whiles many have simply heeded to such voices, others have pushed through to turn the odds in their favour with the believe they have within.

Also as many believe that there is a Supreme Being who initiated mankind, some still hold their belief in contrast. When it comes to religion, though at a point in time, believe becomes a common tool, the same group once again goes diverse ways due to external differences in belief.

Nothing at all could have been done be it nature or technology as it is should there be no belief. It takes belief for one to eye, plan and executes a goal which didn’t exist before.

Until you can stand against your personal challenges, there should be this feeling that you will be a conqueror – Oh! Yeah! when you back it with self-believe.

You and I, for instance, could be the best friends ever but can never believe in one thing or other. This should tell you that you have a particular believe which I will never bet a coin on and vice versa. But at the end of it all, who wins? The instinct which kept you beside your thoughts increases your dime. It also doesn’t mean our differences is evil because at the end of the day neither of us loses a pesewa.

It’s always good to stand in what you believe in and go for the ultimate even when the world sees you as the underdog in the situation. You and Your self-belief can take you to heights you’ve never dreamt of. It could bring critics and their critiques to no value of your position. Whether you believe in this or the other, what really matters is what actually holds you moving each day of your life.

So be it religion, faith, destiny or fate, you should always be in the spirit of believing in whatever good course you are questing for. It could be in reference to emulation or even a new life approach, always be there with much strong-will because in all that’s what keeps your soul communicable with the universal world.


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