Pontiff M.Adhei
Pontiff M.Adhei

In millions of cases laid out everyday, persons involved claim to have the fine side of the issue. Nobody really compromises to be the black sheep even when some know they are at faulty. You always see everyone pointing fingers at one another when there are troubles to pave way from being held guilty. When people lose control of what they could have done it better, they turn around searching for someone to take up the mistakes they’ve caused. Everybody really thinks his or hers is right and for that unproved reason, others must be held by the throat as a stand in for their wrong deeds. It’s so pity to be at a point of not knowing your position of life performance as you lose the tendency of situation control.

In the first place why do people use others as excuses, when knowing very well that their initial actions might have brought the wrong end. Many people do things without considering what could be the outcome but rather predicts what they think would favour their interests. The fact is that when your actions are planned without being in control to avoid evitable mistakes, you’ll always end up being the seeker of others to be liable for your neglected responsibilities. This could lead you to lose your personal attitude and not be able to face up troubles should any get in your way. The comforter here is that when you are held for something you did wrong, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are the worse person but rather could be a point to correct unwanted deeds which shouldn’t be repeatd. For we all want good things to be said about us in our lives.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that there’s no perfection in human activities and for that reason you may go wayward at one point or the other once in time. This doesn’t call for others to stand in for what you failed to prevail. Taking up your blame and pulling the right from wrong even lets others see your true kind of humanity as many would try to learn some good morals from your lifestyle. It also portrays your strength towards your responsibilities in any condition of life challenges. Hiding behind your failed actions also tells others that you can’t be delegated for superiority position because your excuses are going to be laid on your subordinates which shouldn’t be so. If this instrumental rule is attached to you, you lose the trust from others to opportune you with leadership roles as well as trust of policy making.

Put up a positive spirit and be sincere to yourself so not to hide your true kind at any time. It is a loving moment to accept your flaws even when it’s followed by some kind of punishment. For in the same manner you could be rewarded genuinely when you perform your duties correctly, for a ninth fail in ten still have the chance to win a favour. Search yourself thoroughly to know how to deal with your mistakes instead of looking elsewhere for cover ups.


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