Pontiff M.Adhei
Pontiff M.Adhei

The world is full of differences, be it in race, faith, ethnicity and even sometimes by the originality of where one hail from. The diverse ideology of mankind has more than we know, created a lot of enmity among people all over the world. As one side may look down on the other, others also blame those on the far side for contributing to the increasing world problems. This goes on and on each and every day resulting hatred among the populace. Everyone claims to be the angel of any situation without considering all to be equal. Let’s all be sincere with ourselves to analyze this line as said, your imagination is your own worst enemy. What really comes in mind when this wonderful phrase is carefully analyzed? Ain’t it awesome to read it over again? Yes! It could be to many as it brings the mind soul on many beautiful truths.

Human is made in such a manner that whatever is said to the body is what shapes the way it thinks. We mostly hear some people ranting on their neighbors accusing them of being the cause of their problems but forget to reminisce upon mistakes they may have done. Have you ever for once thought that your actions and attitude could let you down one way or the other before attacking someone else? The enemy that you assume is watching from far might not be as you contemplate but rather nearer than you could think of. Listening to those disturbing voices and not taking the right actions will not only expose your weakness in conviction but also you become an enemy within your own-self. It’s not by magic that lets you hear all those kinds of stuff but you’ve allowed it to take control of your senses to that frequency. So you can see the enemy that you are not resisting. You have been persuading and convinced yourself that someone is the cause of your neglected issues which have increased to trouble you and therefore such a person is your enemy while it may probably not be so. It could have been solved half way or better should you have not wasted enough time searching for someone to blame. When you find yourself being tormented by your own thoughts, consider it to be an emotional infection and should be healed like a disease since it has affected your whole human soul as well. Your antidote has grown weak and blocked as the passage through where you stand tall has been shut down. You aren’t yourself anymore because you are easily manipulated by any occurrences of life.

But the hope of mankind has never diminished forever that’s why there’s always a way if there’s a will. Backup and be as much as little careful to reflect others as enemies. You should know better than other people as well may see you as an enemy which you believe it’s not true. Avoid listening to those trying to ill build others as evil to you. You should always let your mindset be optimistic and work positively towards your dreams. Fighting others as enemies will bring you no good than harm since you are investing precious time and energy into the wasteful business. Try as much as possible not to pile unneeded pressure on yourself only to show off to those you assume as enemies at any cost. There is no gain selling below your capital. Be slow but wise to respond to any voice you hear around or within you. Try as much as possible to ask yourself some questions about what’s really wrong with you. You do know yourself better.

Always know that challenges from others come only to strengthen your thoughts and actions to better your results. Therefore why don’t you weigh such individuals to be worthy in your life? They are always there to increase your stance of supremacy over them even if they disagree with your course which is far better than good, especially when you produce positive conclusions. Approach everyone with a smile but provide room for those who are not in a friendly mood. Time will gradually close that gap. Always be positive about others and review their critics about you because you may retrieve your flaws and work over it to better your chances in life.

Respect everybody to be a contender rather than an enemy as it will surely help improve your emotion with high self-ego. If there should be an enemy to be brought to justice for our troubles then we are not yet free but rather harming our own self.


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