Pontiff M.Adhei
Pontiff M.Adhei

IT would have been so much interesting to find out that after all the downs and lows in life of the unbearable hardships, your parents would one day wake up with a surprise, telling you your family is such a wealthy one than you’ve ever thought of but have kept all those riches secretly to enable you to know more about fortune and life before divulging such a status to you. I know it would be a different lifeline mixed with unthinkable reasons for your parents’ actions should such a myth exist. No matter what, it would be cool with many people if not everyone. Many at once for the least have thought about this before looking at the troubles mounting up daily.

Life is such a fragile commodity that, it could be dangerous and perish at the same time if not given the right care. No matter the cost, no one can afford to go back in time to replace mistakes done irresponsibly. Whatever you plan and do today is what will rule your entire life though some may tend to be ghost to you which at the end would be buried with you. Imagination has some kind of power which can let us fall without knowing when to stand again especially when we allow it to creep and cling our thoughts. It’s common to hear many talking of what they would do in their fantasy world should the unchecked opportunity arise. Yes! fantasy world because nothing at all pops out from the sky just like that. Sometimes it’s nice to hear such stuffs as it consoles the heart from pain of troubles but have you also thought of the unforgivable regrets you would bear after losing a bet you placed your entire capital on all because you were over sure of doubling it? Can’t stand per se, so wouldn’t dare. Many people have been living in daydreams and have really forgotten to face reality. It is good to be thinking something big to yourself but it’s also a gigantuous deceit to let your mind be convinced for something that is not attainable at certain times.

Nature made every living thing equal in its own capacity so it could define its setting for better living. Plants are wonderful creatures that portray how we are made up of and where one should be at any point in life. Let’s take fruit bearing plants for instance and how they give yields. Naturally, every plant will start from seed level and passes through its growing stages till when fully matured, starts to yield. After its first fruits, it now prepares time or season for subsequent fruiting. All these don’t happen with the blink of the eye because it takes time in processing for weeks, months, years and even sometimes decades to reach such success. These plants which grew with no haste can reproduce for many years without dying out beforehand. It took very good care of itself and used the rule of life without avoiding a path for stolen glory.

Nevertheless, let’s see that of the plants which were nurtured with chemicals to expedient it growth and productivity. It takes a little time to get prepared and it yields more than it could naturally. The strength therefore depletes so soon that in no any longer time it shreds off. The end of the road though it could be very young. Most people let their lives to be influenced like that of plants made in the laboratory. They seem not to care about anything concerning their lives but rather concentrate only on how to get what they think should be done at all cost. It takes determination to strike to the zenith but everything comes with time which shouldn’t be rushed at. When you appropriately manage, focus and move one step at a time, there wouldn’t be any trouble in your active life since you’ve already prepared to get anchored when those difficult moments arrive. When you don’t scramble to live a lifestyle you can’t afford for the time, there wouldn’t be any fear facing tomorrow but instead, work towards it one day. When you work but not in scurry to follow the future career you’ve dreamt of, there shouldn’t be any fantasy world. Let every day be part of your future processing and never try to skip practice because it could be the core of your whole life fortune which would never be retrieved when needed someday to come.

The truth about life is everyone would wish to be rich but it’s perfect to take the path that will lead you to SUCCESS. Always be a warrior with dignity but not as a plunderer. Live your life like YOU.


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