Pontiff M.Adhei
Pontiff M.Adhei

Little would many know of the situation but only to end up counting the riches of others. The saddest part of this is that most forgets to recount from the beginning how those success rooted. They see everything like rains without clouds. The moment you consider others in their present positions only not offends your thoughts but also drags your confidence far from attaining such heights. Nothing and I mean nothing came into being in just a day. So goes the popular saying, “Rome was not built in a day”. You really have to work for anything you wish to have in this world. It doesn’t matter your financial background. You need to be possessed with a good life habit to enable you to achieve your dreams as an individual.

There are many things that can lead you to your promised land in life and I feel privileged to discuss some of these things that many have indeed turned dead-ear to its obligations.

Be Who You Are: It’s very usual to see some people trying to be in the embodiment of what they are really not. It’s a waste of time and resources as it lets you present at all cost as what you aren’t. Your purpose in life is therefore brushed off temporarily or permanently for something different. This may habitually, in turn, mount pressure on you to fill the gap you left yourself in should you be able to realize you are on the wrong path. Believe and respect who you are made up of because there’s none other but you. Always be the exemplary of yourself as others might be looking up to your footprints.

Live By Your Income: The source of income is not the same with everyone and that’s why you need to check on how you go by it in your daily activities. Some may have a high flowing source whilst others own a hard-earn source. In all, everyone has some source and therefore must be used in accordance with how it’s earned. When you appreciate what you are earning, for the time being, it will definitely boost you to improve upon your source. Never spend out of your budget and to say on unnecessary items.

Set Up Personal Rules: Allowing yourself to do anything anyhow averts the plans you’ve made for the future. It’s true nobody knows what’s in tomorrow but you should also know you’ll be liable to yourself should you fail to have a better tomorrow. Rules and some guidelines can really do you good if followed earnestly. You can, for instance, set the rule not to borrow irrespective of what’s being the condition. For that reason, you are always focused to get yourself resourced to avoid any inconvenient borrowing. It also helps to keep your independent life status.

Be Discipline: The rule to success in almost every field of life is being disciplined in your endeavor. Be it talent or in business operation, you should be able to put up some disciplinary manners to enable you to achieve your goals. Respecting yourself means you ought to do same to others regardless of age differences. Discipline has changed the life of many people in different ways and that could be an opportunity should you abide by it.

Look For What You Can Do Best: Almost everyone has that special thing that is done without any difficulties. You know yourself and for that reason can know what you can do best. Try as much as possible to scout and practice on it because it could be the step up to your breakthrough. Everybody loves to see a new thing and yours might be the hotcake.

What about you, do you think there are any to be added? Well, let’s have your say.


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