Pontiff M.Adhei
Pontiff M.Adhei

Life is like the wind it goes around but cannot be seen. It’s like the sun it rises, exuberates and again sets down. Like the river, it flows within its territorial source. It is not so certain because it does what pleases it at any point in time. It is uncharacteristic to the extent that, it tries as much as possible to avoid its pursuers but very disciplined in a manner that it surrenders to the few who never quits the troubles it brings along. Nothing would have existed should there be no life. It’s the basic core from the beginning and the reason why you will be no more if you lose yours.

The gift from nature comes in different ways but what really lets you realize the rest is life. How therefore do you embrace it? It is a teacher that takes you through the smooth and mostly the rough path so much as you have it to enable you to know your functions whiles you host it. It dares you from every angle in circumspect of your strength, who you are and your capabilities. When you look down to life, surely will you be let alone to lose yourself. It’s sometimes claimed to be unfair but the truth behind it is that the habitat it finds itself makes it look so. It is like a great king who takes elaborating decisions, it’s sometimes misunderstood but benefits anyone who patiently waits for its meaning.

Your life is you, and you are your life. Move along the path it directs you because it’s not a harmful parasite to lead its host astray. Be wise in your actions for the benefit of your life because it is you who are involved. Only you and your life have the opportunity to push your dreams afar for the best. Don’t give up on life because it’s your best opportunity having it. Life is never weak but your understanding may let it look like how you see it, therefore seek greatness for the life you have. Your life’s what people see but not you per se hence the reason why you should provide it with a unique style. Don’t exchange your life for someone’s because it will never do you good than harm, depress and totally destroy you your entire days.

Some say life’s too short, there’s no doubt because it’s very true to those who never utilized it to the fullest whilst chairing it. Work upon your life to keep it active, improved and well established in the quest for success. Never trade your life for material substances because it is like eating all your seeds to sustain hunger, it is not a wise decision. Build up your strength to support your life in every moment as you are the pair partners naturally made for each other. Be in control for it’s always in control for you. Oblige responsibly to the duties of life because to have it is a great call. You struggled well to have it right from the beginning of fertilization as science would suggest it. You weren’t made by chance but you really fought to gain this stance and should continue to prove that you’re worth this your life.


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